New Year’s Greetings

PF is an abbreviation taken from the French Pour féliciter (Felicitations) and it is used in Czech as a New Year’s greeting. At the start of the 19th century French was spoken in the higher levels of society. The beginnings of using the abbreviation PF are apparently linked to Count Karl Chotek of Chotkow and Wognin (1783-1868), who started spreading the abbreviation PF in the Czech speaking environment. The abbreviation PF is still used to this day in the Czech Republic. New Year’s greetings are usually printed on paper with well wishes for the upcoming year and sent by mail. These greetings, however, were not limited to paper and some were made of metal. Reputedly the oldest New Year’s greeting in Bohemia is a silver coin that was minted in the Prague Mint around 1606 during the reign of Rudolf II. The greeting is in German ZUM NEUEN JAHR 1606 (For the New Year 1606). Currently the most extensive form used is an electronic greeting card sent by email. In France the term Pour féliciter is no longer used for New Year’s greetings..