Linotype Display Typefaces

Jans first collection of typefaces was inspired by the latest technology and designed for 2D animation. In 1999, these typefaces were registered in the Linotype Library as Linotype ALPHABAT, Linotype ELEMENT, Linotype STARTEC and Linotype SILVER. Linotype, Linotype logo, Linotype Alphabat, Linotype Element, Linotype Silver and Linotype Startec, are trademarks of Linotype Inc., registered in Germany and other countries. Linotype online store is a service mark of Linotype and Monotype Inc. Find more information on Monotype webpage.

You can purchase this typefaces at the Linotype site.

Linotype Silver

Linotype Silver, from designer Jan Tomas, is part of the TakeType Library, chosen from the entries of the Linotype-sponsored International Digital Type Design Contest 1999 for inclusion on the TakeType 3 CD. The pattern-like structure of the forms give this font a decorative, ornamental look. Its basic shapes are robust but made to almost shimmer by the strokes of the pattern composing them. The font overall looks light and airy due to the resulting grey areas. Linotype Silver is intended exclusively for headlines in point sizes of 18 or larger. .

LINOTYPE SILVER™ REGULAR is also contained in the GoldEdition 2.0 DVD for Mac OS and Windows Linotype site.