Future Typo Typeface 4

Letters are an inseparable part of our day-to-day life. With the aid of letters we can gain information, find our way around and record messages for new generations. If we look at the development of letters from the historical aspect we find that, in some nations, recording information in the form of linearly reduced drawings developed into the use of knots, cuts in trees, tattooing or, in the case of marking a spot, by piling stones on one another. These are three dimensional objects of various forms and shapes that bear information. Obtaining information and communications is, for the majority of us, dependent on vision. There are, however, cases where the hands are used for reading. For instance Braille allows information to be read through the fingers. And it is the digit that is the inspiration and basic building block for creating the fourth 3D alphabet. The fourth typeface from the Future Typo series is designed for use in digital publications, interactive publications, for animated education and training, for securing software, or applications and information, the film industry, TV and the gaming industry..

You can purchase this typefaces at the Future Typo site.

Typeface Design

This unique printed publication contains examples of 3D characters, texts and words in the first 3D font series and points to new possibilities in the perception and the importance of typography in touch technologies. Future Typo 2D and 3D typefaces can only be ordered through the author’s website. This printed publication can also be purchased at the author’s website. The author is the designer Jan Tomas. Printed publication published: October 17, 2013. Find more information here.

You can purchase interactive version of this publication at the iTunes site.