About Future Typo and 3D tests for iPad

The series of Future Typo 3-D tests for iPad was created on the basis of the 3D fonts created in 2010. The first interactive publication came out in 2013. The publication’s job is to hone your alertness and perception using new technologies - interactive 2D and 3D typography. Each publication presents one font designed for 2D and 3D; it contains twenty questions which train your brain and acumen. All interactive publications contain examples of the 3D characters, texts and words in 3D fonts designed for touch technology. The author of the first 3D series of fonts is the designer Jan Tomáš. The series of 3D tests can be bought through the author’s webpages, futuretypo.com, or on the iTunes pages. The publications are only available in the iPad version. There is a free sample for downloading. For more information please contact me through the web pages. Find more information on Future Typo webpage.

You can purchase this interactive publication at the iTunes site.

Future Typo 3D Typefaces

Future Typo is the name given to a font currently designed for printed 2D typography, 3D animated typography or interactive typography. Future Typo is a font with which you can write on a computer, use it for a magazine or book cover, for a poster, to create a statue, sculpture or relief, encode information and at the same time be able to animate it using 2D or 3D technology. It is the basis for creating all of the fonts bearing the name Future Typo. The task of this font is to attune the reader to an adventure in discovering new possibilities in obtaining and recording information, perceiving space and what is happening around us, that being by using touch devices such as the iPad. The fonts are designed for use as a tool for teaching and learning, for encryption and security on webpages or other software applications and information, for film, TV, or free time and new media. .

Find more information about Future Typo typefaces here.