About the Tap the Colour publication

This interactive publication presents 26 selected colours representing all the letters of our alphabet. Each character, starting with the letter A to the letter Z, has its specific colour, and the first letter of the specific colour’s name determines the specific letter of the alphabet. This experimental, colour alphabet - COLOUR TAP TYPEFACE - is designed for use as a tool for teaching and learning, for encryption and securing web pages, or other software applications and data for free time, new media and the gaming industry. The author of the font designed for new media and touch technology is the designer Jan Tomáš. The aim when creating this interactive publication was to show the possibilities for using new technologies, such as the iPad, for education and training. This unique interactive publication contains examples of characters, texts and words from the colour alphabet. It contains 20 questions in all, which will exercise your brain and your acuity. Learn to perceive the colours around us. The alphabet is designed for English and the accompanying text is in English, Czech and German. The first version of the publication was issued on October 24.2013 as an interactive publication in digital form created for the iPad. Find more information on Future Typo webpage.

You can purchase this interactive publication at the iTunes site.

About the Colour typeface

Colour is an important part of our life, visual communications and almost all branches of design and other disciplines. Likewise, colour gives us a sense of direction in space allowing us to recognise individual information and command signs. For example, if we’re driving a car, green means GO, orange is GET READY and red tells us to STOP. Even the individual seasons have their colours. The psychological aspect of colours is equally interesting. It has been demonstrated that the absence of colour and staying in a room without light, i.e. in the dark, has a negative effect on the psyche within the first week. Colour can affect our mood, or feelings, just as each season has its range of colours and moods. In the spring the colours are varied, during the summer they radiate with the sun, autumn colours are pastel and in winter a pure, glowing white prevails with a slight sparkling of the sun, which is reflected in snowflakes’ structures. It could be said that there is an endless number of colour combinations and the richness and diversity of shapes and forms, but, above all colours, is unique to our planet. Find more information on Future Typo webpage.